Wakeful Nights - Stephan G. Stephansson:
Icelandic Canadian Poet by Viðar Hreinsson

Stephan G. Stephansson"……it is quite possible that he will someday be acknowledged as the earliest poet of the first rank, writing in any language, to emerge in the national life of Canada."

- Watson Kirconnell, President Emeritus, Acadia University

Viðar Hreinsson's masterful biography of Icelandic-Canadian poet Stephan G. Stephansson (1853-1927) traces his remarkable life from Iceland to the United States to Canada. Among the greatest poets in Icelandic literary history, he produced five volumes of poems in his lifetime. A progressive farmer, philosopher, and avid pacifist, he was an outspoken controversial leader in the Icelandic immigrant community in North Dakota and, later, Alberta, Canada, where he produced the bulk of his life's work.

"A beautifully crafted narrative about a turn of the nineteenth-century poet whose life on, and of, the land challenged him to hold to his roots in Iceland while yet wrestling with the vicissitudes of transplantation to the emerging cultures of North America. This book is as much about the transformative particulars of place as it is about the man whose extraordinary poetic record of them reveals a soul torn by alternating turmoil and peace."

- John H. Wadland, Professor Emeritus, Department of Canadian Studies, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario.