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Wakeful Nights Stephan G. Stephansson: Icelandic-Canadian Poet

"A beautifully crafted narrative about a turn of the nineteenth-century poet whose life on, and of, the land challenged him to hold to his roots in Iceland while yet wrestling with the vicissitudes of transplantation to the emerging cultures of North America. This book is as much about the transformative particulars of place as it is about the man whose extraordinary poetic record of them reveals a soul torn by alternating turmoil and peace."

- John H. Wadland, Professor Emeritus, Department of Canadian Studies, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario.

Stephan's Daughter

The focus of this publication is the story of youngest daughter of Stephan G. Stephansson, Rosa, and her own accomplishments. Throughout her life, Rosa wrote about her family and her experience growing up in Alberta. In her later years she was often asked to speak about her heritage and she became an important representative of her community. She saved many photos, letters and other documents that help to illustrate those periods of her life and tell her own story.

Looking Back Over My Shoulder

Born in 1900, near the hamlet of Markerville, Alberta, Rosa Benediktson was the youngest child of the Icelandic-Canadian poet, Stephan g. Stephansson. Rosa's memoir, Looking Back Over My Shoulder, takes readers on a journey to nineteenth-century Iceland, to the fertile plains of North Dakota, and settles on the scenic banks of the Medicine River. Widowed at a young age - with four young children - Rosa found strength in her father's poetry, in the memory of her husband, and in the support of the family, neighbours, and the Icelandic community. Rosa's memoir is an Alberta historical treasure: a first hand account of the joys and struggles of pioneer life and the making of an Alberta community.

Stefan's Story

Stefan's Story begins and ends with his Icelandic roots, but the central focues of his life is in the international oil industry. As an account of a visiting Canadian expert involved in the development of oil resources, it is a unique and needed contribution.